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Sean teams up with Kate, to deliver the Morning Rush to you, each weekday from 6 on the ACE Radio Network. Fabulous!

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Sean Cullen

Sean is the newest member of the team and a great mate of Kate's. They've been buddies for 7 years, they did radio school together!

Together, Sean and Kate share a unique chemistry which sees them chatting each morning about the issues of the day over breakfast. It's easy to forget that you're listening to the radio. It's like you have the two of them sitting with you at the breakfast table or catching with mates.

Kate Meade

Kate Meade was named in the 2018 Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence and is the Founder of the Victorian Dance Festival. Australia's largest dance event.

Kate is a wife and mother to 3 kids and her favourite word is 'YES' Always up for an adventure or to try new things.
Kate loves a laugh and is always your glass half full person. Life is too short to die wondering.